About Us

Brand Purpose

ACLIVIA is the brainchild of a health enthusiast group designed to curate and promote the highest quality Nutritionals, Nutraceuticals, and Bioactive plant mixes. We want to bring the very best, locally-made dietary supplements to consumers, along with the education they need to make informed decisions about their supplement purchases. With the wide variety of supplements available on the market, we believe it is vital for customers to understand the supplement and dosage, forms, price points, and health impacts.

Our brand name, ACLIVIA, is a combination of two principles: ACTIVE and LIFE. We focus on bringing consumers the best NUTRITION at accessible prices to help them live an ACTIVE & HEALTHY LIFE. We want to please our consumers and support those in need. To achieve this goal, the percentage of every dollar spent on one of our products will go towards established initiatives that support nutrition for children and families in developing countries. When our consumers choose ACLIVIA, they create a healthy life for themselves and disadvantaged communities alike.

Unlike other supplement companies, we will not claim that our products can perform miracles. Instead, we will focus on the real nutritional benefits and the wellness that they create.

Brand Vision 

ACLIVIA endeavors, first and foremost, to provide consumers with supplements they can trust. When they use those supplements, they see real results and be able to sustain those results. We want to improve their lives tangibly. Second, we seek to join the ranks of other esteemed health and wellness brands. 

We want to reach every consumer looking for wellness and ensure that they can achieve that goal with our supplements. We should become the medium through which they synergize their search for wellness. 

ACLIVIA aims to help everyone who desires a healthier, happier, more energized lifestyle find satisfaction in how they look and feel. At the same time, we want to support economically deprived communities. Our company’s core is a belief that everyone should have access to healthy nutrition, whether or not they have the resources to afford it. We want to form a supportive community of people who want to improve their health and the health of others. They will know that they are helping those in need when they buy our dietary supplements.

We are eager to start tackling the challenge of changing so many lives. We want to effect positive change and hope to inspire people worldwide to make those same positive changes.

Brand Mission

Our mission is to show consumers how to reach their health and nutrition goals with affordable supplements. Our passion for nutrition drives us to find the perfect solutions for any consumer’s diet or nutritional needs. We want to share only the highest quality nutrition products globally, so everyone has access to the tools they need to improve their nutrition, energy levels, and, ultimately, their lives.

Brand Values

At ACLIVIA, we believe that what we put into our bodies has a significant impact on our lives’ quality. Energy levels, mental health, emotional health, self-confidence, and appearance are all heavily influenced by our nutrition (or lack thereof). We are building a brand on the following foundational values: 

  1. Better nutrition will improve your life.
  2. Better nutrition will strengthen our global community.

Not only will we be able to support initiatives that support nutrition in developing countries, but we can support a more sustainable, natural approach to food production.

We love meeting, helping, and learning about new people and cultures. Our team believes in spreading happiness, positivity, and high-quality nutrition for everyone. We continue to research, learn, and innovate to meet our consumer’s needs.