Aclivia Women's Multivitamin

What are multivitamins? Why should women take them, and what are their benefits?

What are multivitamins?

As the name suggests, multivitamins are a combination of different vitamins and minerals in pills, capsules, or gummies. The vitamins and minerals multivitamin pills, tablets, and capsules include Vitamin A, K, D, B, etc., along with potassium, iodine, zinc, manganese, iron, carotenoids, etc. Multivitamin pills are great options to fulfill your need for vitamins and minerals. However, multivitamins are designed for men, women, kids, pregnant women, and senior citizens. So, buy multivitamin supplements that suit your health needs.

Why are multivitamins crucial for women’s health?

Taking care of their skin, hair, and general health remain a priority for most women, and it is essential when the world is facing a pandemic situation. However, it is not enough to just resort to cosmetic care and good food to maintain good health status. As women age, they suffer from a range of complex health issues like lowering bone density, heart diseases, joint problems, etc., which can aggravate if a proper diet is not followed. Most of our busy life prevents us from eating healthy food in adequate quantity. Adding to this, there may be special situations when women’s bodies need extra shots of vitamins and minerals, like during pregnancy when the body needs a folic acid pill every day.

So, taking capsules or pills of women’s multivitamins can be an excellent option to fulfill the need for extra vitamin and mineral shots in the body.

Common ingredients found in women’s multivitamins

1. Antioxidants

      • Reduce the damage caused by oxidation*
      • Reduces the chances of heart disease*
      • Protect cells against free radicals*

    2. Vitamin C

      • Keeps hair, skin, and nails healthy*
      • Heal and maintain bones, cartilage, and teeth*
      • Forms collagen*

    3. Vitamin B-12

      • Keep nerves healthy*
      • Help make RBC*
      • Restores brain function*

    4. Vitamin D

      • Makes bone strong*
      • Reduce inflammation*
      • Boosts immune system*

    5. Magnesium

      • Maintain muscle function*
      • Maintain normal nerve function*
      • Adjust blood sugar level*
      • Aids production of protein*
      • Can lower BP*

    6. Calcium

      • Makes bone and joints strong*
      • Helps fight osteoporosis*
      • Helps muscles move*
      • Maintain blood circulation*

    7. Zinc

      • Maintain immunity system*
      • Aids wound healing*
      • Helps in cell division and cell growth*

    8. Iron

      • Maintains hemoglobin in the blood*
      • Builds healthy blood cell*
      • Help regulate body temperature*
      • Reduces fatigue*

    Top- 5 health benefits of multivitamins

    The above sections made it clear that vitamins and minerals can aid body functioning and boost our immunity system and get the daily dose of these vitamins and minerals; women can focus on taking multivitamin capsules or pills as per their needs.

    Let’s look at the top-5 benefits of taking women’s multivitamins regularly.

    1. Boosts immune system: One of the top priorities of taking women’s multivitamins and supplements is that they help in boosting the immunity system. The multivitamin capsules containing vitamin C, D, and E, specifically, are known to enhance the immune system.
    2. Enhances energy levels: If you fail to meet the regular nutritional level, you may feel weak and exhausted. A routine of multivitamins can help you fulfill this lack and maintain the appropriate energy level. They can also aid in keeping a healthy lifestyle.
    3. Keeps bones and joints healthy: Women in their 30s and 40s can face issues of low bone density and osteoporosis, leading to brittle bones and joint pain. Hence, taking multivitamins containing vitamin D and calcium can help improve the health of the bones and joints, making them function better.  
    4. Reduced stress level: The busy lifestyle can increase stress and anxiety, which may affect your entire lifestyle. So, choosing multivitamin capsules containing vitamin B can help stimulate the nervous system to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and improve cognition. Acquiring the correct dose of vitamin B12 and antioxidants can boost your brain and cell functioning to enhance your mood.  
    5. Improves skin, hair, and nails: In taking women’s multivitamin capsules stocked with vitamin C, E and antioxidants can work wonders for skin, hair, and nails. They help in retaining natural oil in the skin to prevent dryness, especially in winters. Hair growth can also be stimulated if these vitamins are taken regularly. So, if you have crossed your 30s, taking multivitamins rich in vitamin C, B, and E can prove beneficial.

    Any caution to take?

    Women’s multivitamins and supplements are generally considered safe to be taken regularly and primarily benefit those who have a poor-quality diet, digestion issues, or lack vitamins and minerals. In addition, they can also prove beneficial for elderly women, women who are pregnant, women who have bone and joint issues, etc. But taking excessive multivitamins regularly can cause harm more than good. For instance, if you take vitamins like A, D, E, or K in excess, they remain stored in your body, as they are fat-soluble and not water and become toxic at high levels.

    It is always suggested to seek your doctor’s advice before you start taking regular multivitamins. This is most important for those women who have any specific health complexities or are planning to conceive. The body in such conditions needs a different level of vitamins and minerals than it does in general situations. Also, before choosing any specific multivitamins, always do an allergy test since the minerals present in them may cause allergic reactions or other side effects like an uneven heartbeat, increased urination, etc. So, if you have issues like constipation, upset stomach, or diarrhea, it is always better to consult a doctor to select the most suitable multivitamin for you.


    Taking the correct dose of multivitamins can cause good to women’s bodies from the inside. As women age, they face many health complexities, and their busy lives often restrict them from taking diets rich in vitamins and minerals. Here comes the important role of women’s multivitamins: they fulfill the need for essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the body. ACLIVIA women’s multivitamin, in veggie capsule forms, is an excellent option to choose if you are looking for a premium health supplement to boost your immunity system and the overall health status.

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